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2016 DC Classic, City Championship, News and Results!

02/20/2016, 10:00pm EST
By WCDC Admin

St. John's Repeats as Team Champs! Thacker Repeats as OW!

February 20, 2016

St. John's College High School wrestling team won the 2016 DC Classic with 8 champions!  Sidwell Friends  wrestling team edged out Gonzaga College High School for 2nd place with 2 champions and four 2nd place wrestlers.  Gonzaga took 3rd place behind 2015 National Prep All Americans Nathan Thacker, 120lbs, and Will McDonald, 152lbs, and had three 2nd place wrestlers.  The champions and top three place winners from every weight class are listed below.  DC will send 14 wrestlers to National Preps this year, including four returning National Prep All-Americans from 2015!

  1. Nathan Thacker, Gonzaga,  106lbs, 2nd place!
  2. Malcom Robinson, St. John's, 120lbs, 5th place
  3. Will McDonald, Gonzaga, 152lbs, 5th place
  4. Brian Hennessy, St. John's, 182lbs,  7th place

Gonzaga's 120lbs wrestler, Nathan Thacker, won the WCDC Outstanding Wrestler award for the second year in a row.  FlipsWrestling sponsored the award!  Nathan is heading back to National Preps after placing 2nd at 106lbs in 2015.  Good luck to Nathan and all the National Prep qualifiers!

Champions and Place Winners


  1. Patrick McConville, St. John’s
  2. Zachary Reed, Wilson
  3. Matt Moschella, Gonzaga


  1. Gavin Stoddard, St. John’s
  2. Samuel Lazarus, Sidwell
  3. Henry Mudlaff, Gonzaga


  1. Nathan Thacker, Gonzaga
  2. Aidan Rocha, St. John’s
  3. James Shakow, Sidwell


  1. Malcolm Robinson, St. John’s
  2. Jacob Honn, Sidwell
  3. Gordon McMillen


  1. Imran Heard, St. John’s
  2. Tim Marcille, Gonzaga
  3. Joey Keegan, Wilson


  1. Adrian Nelson, St. John’s
  2. Joey Dunn, Sidwell Friends
  3. Kwakou Clay, Washington Latin


  1. Jack Cassidy, St. John’s
  2. James Howe, St. Albans
  3. Dany Abdiev, Wilson


  1. William MacDonald, Gonzaga
  2. Mike Jones, St. Albans
  3. Harrison Howe, St. Anselm’s


  1. Guyton Harvey, St. Albans
  2. Bryant Raisch, St. Anselm’s
  3. Roman McDonough, Washington Latin


  1. Nathan Dangle, St. Anselm’s
  2. Aidan McDonough, Gonzaga
  3. William Gorham, Wilson


  1. Brian Hennessy. St. John’s
  2. Pablo Ruiz, St. Anselm’s
  3. Wyatt Green Williams, Sidwell


  1. Philippe Sanchez, Sidwell,
  2. Bailey Ogilvie, Gonzaga
  3. Mark Ausbrooks, Wilson


  1. Lindon Harris, Sidwell
  2. Caelan Doherty, St. John’s
  3. Andy Sanchez, Gonzaga


  1. Jalen Dickerson, St. John’s
  2. Nathaniel Jackson, Sidwell
  3. Phillip Firehock, Gonzaga


Official team scores and final brackets for every weight class are available below.


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