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Information for Coaches and Wrestlers

Melee on the Metro 3 - Coach & Fan Information

February 9, 2018 -

5:00pm - Open practice (traveling teams have the option of getting a session in on Friday evening).

7:00pm - Seeding Meeting Conference Call

8:00pm - Open Practice Ends

8:30pm - Seeding Meeting Conference Call Ends

Notes:  Please remember to enter your lineups into TrackWrestling on time.  You don't have to have a wrestler's record entered into the system yet but we need to see how many slots we have for non-scoring wrestlers.  Several coaches have expressed interest in this option. Teams who have entered their preliminary lineups first will receive preference when we place non-scoring wrestlers.

Parents are forbidden to confront tournament staff at the tournament regarding last minute scratches, seeding or other related issues.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in a parent being asked to leave the tournament. 

  • Tournament brackets will be released via TrackWrestling by 10pm.
  • Last minute scratches will cause brackets to be redrawn only if the wrestler is a top 6 seed.

February 10, 2018 -

  • Wrestlers should be dropped off at the entrance to the Wilson High School at the intersection of Fort Street and 40th Street at 6:45am. Here is a link to a campus map with parking here.
  • Weigh ins and skin checks start at 7:30am.  Do not be late or you will be disqualified. Coaches: wrestlers must bring their Optimal Performance Calculator Alpha Master Report form to certify their weight class.
  • Doors Open at 6:45am to fans.  Admission is $10.
  • Wrestling starts at 9:00am

Rules - The tournament matches and team scoring will be governed by the National Federation of State High School Associations Wrestling Book 2015-2016 Edition (NFHS Wrestling Rules).

  • Team scoring will follow Rule 9-2, Article 3, see page 48.
  • Match rules and scoring will follow NFHS Wrestling Rules, see Rules 6-7, Article 1, page 34.
  • Tournament structure:  We will adhere to the NFHS 5 match per day rule. If a wrestler loses in the first round, second round or the quarterfinals, he or she can only wrestle back to 5th place. The losing wrestlers of the semi-finals will wrestle for 3rd place.
    • The tournament will be double elimination.
    • After each weight class finishes their matches, their medal ceremony will occur. Medals will be awarded to 1st through 5th place.
    • Team trophies, OW Award will occur at the end of the tournament after scores are tabulated and votes counted.

Awards - There will be engraved medals for every place winner 1st through 5th from Pittsburgh Trophy.

Officiating - Officiating will be conducted by the Washington Metropolitan Wrestling Officials Association.

Weather - The tournament will following District of Columbia Public School rules regarding weather.